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The RV10 is a four seat, single engine, low wing home-built airplane. The designer was focused on a touring aircraft with good stability and payload. The aircraft may be powered by a 210 to 260hp engine, being the Lycoming IO-540 the most frequent choice for home builders. The aircraft is constructed of aluminum with the cabin structure and gull-winged doors made from composite materials. The landing gear is tubular steel with the nose-wheel mounting tube welded to the engine mount. As in all nose-wheel equipped RV aircraft, the nose-wheel is free castering and the aircraft is steered with differential braking. 

This X-Plane aircraft is as detailed as it gets, yet at a very affordable cost.

Different Cockpit configuration from steam gauges to glass cockpit:
  • G5 PFD and HSI with GFC600 Digital Autopilot with GNS430 and GNS430
  • ESP (Electronic Stability and Protection System)
  • LVL (Return to level) Mode
  • Auto trim
  • Different speed and altitude units options
  • CWS (Control wheel steering) mode
  • GA (Go Around) mode.
  • AP disconnect button   
  • Flight Director
  • Yaw Damper
  • Pitch and Roll hold mode
  • Heading Mode
  • NAV Mode with Radio-navigation or GPS inputs
  • Approach Mode
  • Back Course Mode
  • Indicated Airspeed Reference Mode
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Working Battery behavior for the G5 HSI and PFD
KC150 Autopilot with KI256 Flight Command unit, KI525A HSI and KX155 COM/NAV Radios
  • Flight Director
  • Auto trim
  • Altitude Hold mode
  • Attitude pith and roll hold mode
  • Heading mode
  • NAV Mode
  • Approach mode
  • Back Course mode
Digital engine management unit EDM or analog gauges
  • Engine monitor display
  • Range/Endurance/Burned Fuel/Miles per Gallon/Etc.
  • Lean Find Mode
Throttle quadrant or push-pull engine command options

EDS Digital Controlled oxygen System
  • Four distribution stations
  • Night/Normal mode
  • Delayed mode
  • Class-A/Fast Mask mode
  • Different display and setting configurations
Working Circuit Breakers panel

Angle of attack indicator with voice warning

Different engine and propeller configurations:
  • Lycoming IO540 Fuel Injected 260HP engine
  • Lycoming O540 235HP Carbureted Engine
  • 3 Blade Composite Propeller
  • 3 Blade Aluminum Propeller
  • 2 Blade Aluminum Propeller
Each of the option with their own performance and fuel consumption characteristics

Outstanding 3D model
  • High 4K PBR textures
  • Librain rain effect by skiselkov
  • 5 liveries and one white canvas livery for custom creations
  • 3D cockpit light for the interior and the exterior
  • Custom instruments and surface vibrations
  • Particles Effects
Three dimensional Sound
  • Fmod sound engine
  • All Custom Sounds
  • Sound level and frequencies are modified by headset removal or doors configurations.

Custom Menus and Popups
  • Aircraft Configuration
  • Load Chart with CG envelope, fuel and passengers configurations
  • Checklist
  • GFC600 Autopilot Popup
  • EDM Popup
  • Updater Popup
Built-in Updater

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