VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX Project

VSKYLABS Aeropro EuroFOX Project

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The Aeropro Eurofox is a Slovak-built two-seat light high-winged aircraft. The Aeropro company was formed in 1990, in Slovakia. Two versions of the EuroFOX have been produced; Tricycle and Tail-dragger configurations. Both versions features an enclosed cabin with two-side-by-side seats and folding wings.

In the USA and Canada, the EuroFOX is marketed by Aerotrek, and it's two versions (Tricycle, Tail-dragger) are named A240 (Tricycle) and A220 (Tail-dragger). Both versions are offered with the 80 hp Rotax 912UL and the 100 hp Rotax 912ULS engines.

Aircraft variants:
  • EuroFOX-3K: Tri gear version. Sold in North America as the Aerotrek A240.
  • EuroFOX-2K: Tailwheel version. Sold in North America as the Aerotrek A220.
Note: The VSKYLABS Aeropro Eurofox package is including both the A240 and A220 versions, and a third, modified A220 version for STOL operations, which is equipped also with Tundra tires.

  • Designed for X-Plane 11.40+ Experimental flight model.
  • Three aircraft included: A240, A220, A220 STOL.
  • The unique Flaps behavior of the EuroFOX was tuned into the flight dynamics model. 
  • IAS gauge can be toggled between Mph/Kph during flight (click-on-glass).
  • FPS friendly.
  • GNS G530.
  • Designed to utilize the 'out of the box' features of X-Plane.
  • Accurate flight dynamics model and handling characteristics.
  • VR Ready
  • PBR Textures
Additional Features:
  • Highly responsive support system/forum.
  • The VSKYLABS EuroFOX is a project under constant development. All updates are free.
  • Compatible with the Avitab plugin
Auto-Updater included

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