VSKYLABS MicroHopper Ultralight Bushplane Project

VSKYLABS MicroHopper Ultralight Bushplane Project

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This project's objective was to create a microlight/ultralight style of an aircraft with 'Bush-Plane' capabilities. 'Bush-Plane', by definition, is an aircraft used to provide passenger and freight services to remote and usually undeveloped areas, where ground transportation doesn't exist (or rarely exist). Such airplanes are also usually used for search and rescue operations in remote, hard-to-get areas.

Usually, a Bush-Plane would be a utility kind of an aircraft; very durable, tough, reliable and with an easy ways to convert its usage to different kinds of terrain, including water, snow, short take-of and landings etc...

By definition, there is some kind of a conflict between a microlight/ultralight aviation oriented aircraft and a utility type of an aircraft, especially in its inherent capability to carry multiple passengers and equipment. But, having a design of an ultralight aircraft that meets some of the utility-bush-plane aircraft specifications and requirements had me thinking....well...this would be quite a flexible, safe and durable piece of an ultralight aircraft to fly.

Thorough instructions, project evolution and design details are available in the project’s page at the VSKYLABS portal. 

  • Highly interactive aircraft
  • Wing tips skids for tight ground operations
  • GNS530 is included
  • VR Ready

Additional Features:
  • Highly responsive support system/forum
  • This is a project which is under constant development. All updates are free

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