VSKYLABS Rutan Long-EZ Project 3.0

VSKYLABS Rutan Long-EZ Project 3.0

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The VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Project for X-Plane was developed with Burt Rutan's permission (however it is an independent VSKYLABS project which is not affiliated with Burt Rutan). The project is based on the design of the Long-EZ (NR79RA) prototype and it is under constant development.

The Rutan LongEZ aircraft is a high performance home built aircraft, designed by the aerospace legend Burt Rutan back in the 80's. Its compact external size results in superb performance and economy using low horsepower engines.

It is featuring advanced aerodynamics and structure to provide good utility, economy, comfort, simplicity and flight safety. The aircraft uses one of two proven certified aircraft engines, the continental O-200/100 hp and the Lycoming O-235/115 hp (the VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ is featuring the 115 hp engine).

It has an alternator powered electrical system and equipped with an electric engine starter. It’s cockpit layout is designed to compliment pilot work load with throttle, mixture, carburetor heat, pitch trim/landing controls on the left side console and a side stick controller on the right console. Seating provides correct armrest, lumbar, thigh and headrest support allowing 'recliner chair' comfort which are typically not to be found in conventional aircraft seats. This configurations allows long, fatigue free flights. 

Designed for Virtual Reality experience:

The VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Project is featuring a fully-configured and functional control suite which is optimized for VR functionality. This means that the cockpit can be operated with maximum comfort and fluency using VR controllers. The VR development process in this project was made with the native VR environment of X-Plane 11

Project Main Features:
  • New Version 3.0   
  • The project is designed and engineered around the original 1980 'LONG-EZ Plans' and 'Pilot Operating Handbook' (N79RA). As a result, the VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Owner's manual is based on the real LongEZ owner's manual. The manual for the VSKYLABS LongEZ aircraft can be downloaded for free.
  • Two variants included: Fully equipped Analog cockpit + 2x7" G1000 bundle cockpit.
  • The core of the project is a superb flight dynamics model with authentic aircraft performance and handling characteristics.
  • All LongEZ unique aerodynamics and systems are being simulated: Authentic handling,  LongEZ stall characteristics, aircraft performance, Speed brakes (belly + Rudder brakes), On-ground retractable nose-gear and more! 
  • Designed for X-Plane's latest Experimental flight model environment.
  • Aeromatic propeller configuration is simulated (fully automatic variable pitch propeller).
  • Highly detailed and animated aircraft model.
  • AMAZING LongEZ VR experience! Highly detailed and functional 'VR-Ready' 3D cockpit environment.
  • FMOD sounds engineered for enhanced flying experience, including high AoA buffeting, ground vibrations, wind noises and more!
  • IFR capability (both analog and G1000 variants).
  • Autopilot - Experimental/LSA grade autopilot is included in the analog cockpit variant, and fully-capable GA grade autopilot in the G1000 variant.
  • STMA Autoupdater plugin - included
  • Project under constant development!

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