VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Project

VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Project

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The Tecnam P2006T is an Italian high-winged, twin-engine all-metal light aircraft built by Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam, which is based in Italy. The P2006T is the lightest twin-engine certified aircraft available, and is a four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear and liquid-cooled Rotax 912 engines.
The P2006T first flew on the 13 September 2007 and was certified by EASA on the 5 June 2009. NASA's all electric X-57 Maxwell prototype aircraft is being developed using a P2006T as its basic structure.

Two Tecnam P2006T included in a single package
  • Analog and G1000 variants are sharing the same resources (single folder, two airplanes).
Flight Dynamics:
  • Designed to be flown using X-Plane 11.30+ experimental flight model
  • Exhaust emission  position fixed for both engines.
  • Engine cooling and radiator remodeled.
  • Engine operational limits (CHT, Oil temp) tuned.
  • All airfoils updated to the latest X-Plane 11.30+ versions.
  • Ground handling tuned.
  • Drag characteristics tuned.
  • Trim settings and speed tuned.
  • Aircraft handling characteristics tuned to allow better high AOA handling with/without flaps.
  • Flight performance, handling characteristics and flight envelope deep overhaul:
    • Stall speeds (0-60 bank degrees/flaps 0/TO/full).
    • Vmca (critical engine).
    • Takeoff performance - ground roll (low/gross weight SL and high elevated runways SL-5000 feet AGL).
    • Takeoff rate of climb at Vy (gears up/flaps takeoff).
    • Takeoff rate of climb at Vx (gears up/flaps takeoff).
    • Enroute rate of climb at Vy (gears up/flaps up).
    • Enroute rate of climb at Vx (gears up/flaps up).
    • Single-engine rate of climb at Vyse (prop feathered).
    • Single-engine rate of climb at Vxse (prop feathered).
    • Cruise performance (SL/3000ft/6000ft/9000ft/12000ft).
    • Landing performance (ground roll (low/gross weight SL and high elevated runways SL-5000 feet AGL).
    • Balked landing climb gradient.
    • Fuel consumption - all flight levels, all power settings (various MP and prop RPM based on Tecnam official data which is existing in the Tecnam P2006T aircraft POH).
  • Autopilot Master switch algorithm redesigned.
    • AP Master switch is now the actual master switch for the autopilot system, and it is on top of the autopilot panel switches.
  • Electrical system redesign:
    • Avionics bus refinements.
    • Left+Right buses systems separation.
    • Functional buses cross-tie algorithm added.
    • Alternators/Generators Amperage limits tuned. 
  • Lighting system:
    • Cockpit lighted switches added (white for the Analog variant, Black for the G1000 variant).
    • RH instruments light switch is now functional is it should be, electrical powered, and will switch the light ON/OFF.
  • Pre-flight switches state was added and set:
    • Fuel tanks selectors in 'cold-and-dark' and in 'engines-running modes'.
    • LH/RH Ignition switches.
    • Autopilot default state (OFF).
    • External lighting.
  • AviTab is now not visible by default. Use Custom Slider No.1 to toggle the AviTab appearance in the cockpit.
  • Cockpit switches interaction for VR remodeled.
  • Hide-yoke touch-zone remodeled (larger, and on both sides).
Additional features:
  • STMA AutoUpdater plugin was added.
  • Engine damage in excessive working temperatures algorithm was added.
  • Landing gears (tires) blow-up algorithm was added, including visualization.
Modeling and texturing:
  • Annunciator panel remodeled (Alanog variant) to match real-scale size and proportions, re-textured with larger text for more clear reading.
  • PRB normal maps were added for the fuselage.
  • Liveries folder was added.
Bug Fixes:
  • Trim-wheel interaction zone fixed in the G1000 variant.
  • ADF/Transponder (Analog variant) clearer visualization.

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