ViperJet LXR

ViperJet LXR

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The ViperJet LXR is the ultimate experimental jet!

It is a conventional, low-wing monoplane with swept wings and tail and two seats in tandem under a bubble canopy. The jet intakes are located at the sides of the fuselage and the tricycle undercarriage is retractable. Construction throughout is of composite materials.(Wikipedia)

The Aerobask rendition of the the ViperJet LXR has the following features:

Ultra-High Resolution Model by Aerobask
  • High quality 3D model 
  • Ultra- high resolution textures (4K),
  • Ambient occlusion, specular and normal mapping.
  • Fully functional virtual 3D cockpit.
  • Panoramic windshield with reflections.
Functional rear cockpit 
  • Rear cockpit for instructor
Great Flight Model
  • Flight model defined according to the specifications of the LXR version.
  • Fun to fly.
Custom System and sounds
  • Integrated systems: Start sequence, fuel management, autopilot, pressurization, engine failure, radar weather, setup page.
  • Many custom sounds: rolling, gear, flaps, canopy, vocal alert, callout, ...
  • Enhanced sound engine using SASL scripts

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