Warbirds Package XP10

Warbirds Package XP10

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Six planes total, and dozen of variations.  Four of the most famous planes of the WWII theater: The Mustang P51, The Spitfire Mk IX , the P38 Lightning and the Boeing B17-F plus 2 WWI planes.
  1. P51-D Mustang - 4 versions
  2. Boeing B17-F
  3. Spitfire MK IX -  10 versions!
  4. P38-J Lightning - 4 versions
  5. Sopwith Snipe
  6. Albatros D-VA
All these planes  include:
  • Nice 3D cockpits
  • 3D objects
  • Animated controls
  • Accurate flight models
  • Great FPS - Easy to use
  • Many Liveries for each aircraft
These aircraft are also part of the Complete Package, a much better deal with a total of 14 planes

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