World Traffic 2.0

World Traffic 2.0

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World Traffic 2 has been replaced by World Traffic 3

Upgrade policy 

  • If you bought WT2 before March 1st 2017, you can buy WT3 for only $10. Please get your coupon code in the original Wt2 invoice
  • If you bought WT2 after March 1st 2017, you will get a free update. Simply download the new installer , your old serial number will work with WT3
  • If you are new to World Traffic, buy a full copy of World Traffic 3 

World Traffic is an application designed to fill the skies and taxiways of your favorite airports with lots of planes.  

You can even create land and sea traffic.  Flight paths are defined through flight plans which can be created using a variety of included and 3rd party tools. Arrivals and departures are flown using the included real world SID/STAR database or user-created custom approaches and departures.  

New version 2.1! More features and easier to use

General Features
  • Included Navigraph SID/STAR/approach database so the AI aircraft follow real-world approaches and departures for the world’s airports.  Also military formation flights, overhead breaks and vertical departures are supported.
  • An ATC radar plugin to give you a bird’s eye view of the air traffic flow for specific airports.
  • ATC system provided to allow you to integrate your aircraft movements with the AI planes.  You will be given taxiway instructions and will be provided vectors following SID departures and STAR arrivals if your aircraft is FMS-equipped.
  • A simple but decent flight model to provide realistic-looking aircraft movement at high frame rates.  Aircraft are affected by wind and turbulence.  Engine performance is affected by airport altitude.  Takeoff performance is affected by aircraft weight and fuel weight is also taken into account.
  • Sample flight plans and ground routes are provided for Seattle, Innsbruck, and Kai-Tak. These illustrate almost all of the functionality of the application and may be used as examples for your own flights.  Also hundreds of AI aircraft, flight plans, and ground routes are available for free download.
  • Flight plans can be grouped into zones to enable/disable flights for a specific region or to enable/disable flights for a specific vintage of aircraft. You can organize the flight plan folders however you wish and enable or disable whatever regions you are interested in.
  • User interface provides flight information on any flight, numerous preference options, and a flight track camera.
Flight Plans
  • User-defined flight plans to specify the flight path of an aircraft or a formation of aircraft.
  • Settable altitudes for each steerpoint in the flight plan where altitude can be in feet above sea level or feet above ground level for terrain following flights.
  • Flight plans can be defined for specific aircraft tail numbers so that a specific aircraft can be defined to follow a multi-leg route.
Ground Routes
  • User-defined ground routes to specify specific parking locations for aircraft. Ground routes can be specific to a general type of aircraft, a type of aircraft, or a specific tail number so you can have planes park in the parking spots you want
Flight Model
  • Simple, tunable flight model using aerodynamics and ballistics equations from the NASA web site to provide a natural looking flight model accurate enough that you can follow the World-Traffic controlled aircraft.
  • Wind and turbulence affect aircraft so that they will bounce around in turbulence and crab into the wind in flight to maintain desired headings.
  • Afterburner thrust is settable so afterburner-equipped aircraft can accelerate quickly when required, perform vertical departures, and fly supersonic.
Aircraft Object Animation and Lighting
  • Custom datarefs are provided to provide your aircraft with full animation of control surfaces, landing gear, canopy, nozzle, engine blades/prop, thrust reverser, lights etc.
  • All types of aircraft lighting is supported and the lights will function correctly depending on the phase of flight and aircraft type. Landing lights will go on and taxi lights will go off when the aircraft taxis onto a runway for takeoff. The strobe lights will turn off when the plane arrives and turns off the runway. Cabin lights will stay and aircraft doors will stay open for a few minutes after an airliner parks until the passengers are all off the plane. Most other lighting turns off when the aircraft engines are shut down.

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