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X-ATC Chatter

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X-ATC_Chatter is the product of a collaboration between Stick and Rudder Studios and LiveATC.net to bring high quality ATC audio clips to the flight simulation community. The result is a collection of audio files organized by geographic region and ATC controller / facility type that can be played during your flight with an intelligent player plugin for X-Plane.

The audio clips can also be installed in the ATC_Chatter folder of Pilot2ATC where they will be played back during your flight.

  • Clips are broken down into separate files each of which represents a single exchange between a pilot and an ATC facility such as Clearance, Ground, Tower, Departure, Center, Approach, and for VFR CTAF.
  • The clips are categorized by world region so you can select the area of the world you are flying in. Here are the current clip counts:
    • United States: 7,237
    • Europe: 5,681
    • Canada: 4,884
    • South America: 102
    • Asia: 3,988
    • Africa: 32
    • Oceania: 2,576
  • Clips are edited to remove any glaring location specific information. As an example the exchange “United 6626, Boston Tower, Line up and Wait” will have been edited to say “United 6626, Tower, Line up and Wait. References to specific SIDS, STARS, Ramps, Taxiways, Runways, and way-points are not changed.
  • Clips are organized by controller so when you are tuned to a specific controller you will hear clips associated with that controller.
  • Each clip has its audio volume adjusted so that all clips have roughly the same volume level.
  • Includes an intelligent player for X-Plane 11 and 10
    • Runs on all three OS platforms, Windows, OSX, and Linux
    • Automatically selects the right chatter files based on the ATC facility you are tuned to on your COM1 or COM2 radio
    • Will automatically pause playback when tuned to an ATIS facility
    • Includes a nearby facility display showing the frequencies, icao code, distance, and name of up to 40 ATC facilities within a 75 NM range
    • Radios can optionally be tuned from the facility display
    • Knows when you are out of range of a facility and stops playback
    • Can play chatter on alternate audio devices on Windows and Linux
    • Includes an integration with X-Life 2.1 ATC
    • Includes an integration with X-Plane 11.3 and higher ATC system
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