Yak 52 Professional

Yak 52 Professional

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YAKOVLEV 52 or YAK-52 is massed produced Soviet era primary aerobatic trainer aircraft, which first flew in 1979. Originally It was used as basic trainer military pilots for Soviet air force. Today, YAK-52 is a popular choice to train civilian and sport pilots in post-Soviet states. YAK-52 equipped with 400 hp M-14 engine.

Product features:
  • 4K PBR textures
  • Highly Detailed 3D model
  • Fully functional cockpit
  • 3D cockpit lights
  • Complete simulation of all systems
  • Unique first person walking system (walk mod)
  • Authentic sounds recorded from actual aircraft
  • FMOD sounds
  • VR support
  • 3D ground equipment and services
  • Build in accordance of technical specifications and tested by real YAK-52 aerobatic champion pilot
  • Field modification including navigational and landing lights
Additional features:
  • YAK-52 features full pre-flight inspection system accessible in first person walk around mod
  • Airplane will retain its state after each flight that includes position of all switches and leverages
  • Authentic model of ARK radio compass
  • Authentic gauges logic which react on weather environment and power settings
  • Authentic modeling of pneumatic, electrical and fuel systems
  • Complex model of airframe and engine management which include failures due to mismanagement
  • Flight instructor station with ability of simulated in flight failures
Simulated systems:

- Simulation of engine control system
- Simulation of the M-14 engine in various modes
- Simulation of temperature conditions of the engine
- Simulation of engine system failures during unauthorized operation
- Simulation of engine water hammer from fuel overflow to fuel line and cylinders
- Simulation of the dependence of temperature and humidity on engine start and the state of the oil system.
- Simulation of the speed controller RO-2
- Simulation of the aircraft oil system
- Simulation of the pneumatic system and air consumption for aircraft systems
- Simulation of the brake system
- Simulation of the electrical system and battery discharge, depending on the devices turned on
- Simulation of discharging and charging the engine battery when using ground equipment and an aircraft generator.
- Simulation of the operation of devices depending on the load on the aircraft electrical network.
- Simulation of the ARC navigation system and beacons
- Simulation of fogging and frostbite depending on weather conditions
- Simulation of the operation of AG-1 systems and the operation of gyro sensors

Coming soon:
  • Garmin GPS for navigation
  • Multiplayer co-pilot module
  • Cockpit instrument variations
  • Complex ground engine maintenance
  • New liveries

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