ZGSZ - Shenzhen Airport

ZGSZ - Shenzhen Airport

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Shenzhen Bao´an Airport (ZGSZ/ SZX) is located approximately 20 miles northwest of Shenzhen city center (and also quite close to Hongkong) and is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing Chinese airports, showing a nearly 10-fold increase in passenger numbers in the past 2 decades, as they soared to nearly 50M in 2018. This is reflected in continuous expansion programmes, of which the new terminal is certainly the most impressive. Shenzhen´s Terminal 3 was constructed by an internationally acclaimed architect and is inspired from the beauty of stingrays. Shenzhen is a great place for experiencing the fascination of modern China and embarking on flights with Chinese carriers, for example, you could embark on a flight to Star Atlas´ great Beijing scenery.

This package features a realistic rendition of Shenzhen Airport including:

-Buildings: Realistic rendition and 3D-replicas of most airport buildings, served with nice textures for day and night.

-Vehicles and clutter: Vehicles, locally branded clutter and other infrastructure. New static planes have been added and the pool of airport models in Rim&Co. sceneries is continuing to grow and will be reflected in updates along the way.

-Ground: Very detailed ground textures with dynamic PBR properties to recreate the feel of Shenzhen airport, 4K asphalt/ concrete textures

-Lighting: Accurate and "present" lighting for night-flying operations

-"China Metropolis Feel": Thousands of buildings in the vicinity of the airport reflect the atmosphere in Shenzhen

-Gangways: SAM usage including jetways and Safe-Docks for most gates

-Traffic: Ground Traffic files included

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