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xEnviro was created for X-Plane 11  as a result of multi-year effort from high-level engineers and programmers of Commercial Simulation Systems LLC.
xEnviro replaces the default X-Plane environment, making it more realistic.  
X-Environ Features:  
Load real-time meteorological data with download interval from 5 up to 60 minutes taking into account following factors: 
  • Wind direction and speed on ground and aloft, temperature, turbulence areas, icing areas and dangerous phenomena (thunderstorm& windshear) 
  • Simulate visual effects of different types of precipitations and phenomena: rain showers, snow, fog;  
  • Simulate visual raindrops effects on windshields both in 2D and 3D cockpits (if it's loaded in aircraft model);  
  • Simulate in-cloud visual effects;  
  • Simulate visual effects of shades and aircraft lightning in clouds (Strobe lights, beacon lights, navigation lights, landing lights) 
  • Simulate landing lights screen effect during in-cloud and foggy flight;  
  • Volumetric lights effect;  
  • Simulate lightning on clouds surface from cities lights; 
  • High-detailed cloud shades;  
  • Custom cloud density and range;  
  • Simulate realistic breaking action effect;  
  • Display saturation, color gamma and cloud density, depending on weather conditions and  time of day with real-time changing (automatically) or manually.  
  • xEnviro  has a user-friendly interface with flexible settings for each component. 
  •  xEnviro uses  its own cloud and sky textures along with its own sound library. 
  • xEnviro does NOT require installations of 3rd party products or libraries and is fully ready to use after installation. 
  • xEnviro software is constantly being updated  
  • xEnviro software is designed by simmers for simmers! 

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