xOrganizer v2

xOrganizer v2

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Manage your X-Plane installation

xOrganizer helps you manage your:
  • Scenery
  • Plugins/scripts
  • X-Plane preferences
  • Aircraft
xOrganizer does this by helping you with:
  • Maintaining the right scenery order (scenery_packs.ini)
  • Overview, especially if you have collected a lot of stuff
  • Preventing conflicts between scenery packages and between plugins/scripts
  • Setting up X-Plane for a specific type of flight: different scenery and plugins/scripts, but also different X-Plane preferences (for instance for VR)
  • Reducing X-Plane load times
  • Increase X-Plane performance by disabling content
  • Limit the number of loaded (groundtraffic) plugins: X-Plane can only handle a certain amount of plugins
xOrganizer offers treeviews, tables and maps for better overview.

Managing scenery
One of the more difficult tasks managing your X-Plane installation is keeping the right order for your scenery. 
X-Plane is very flexible with its scenery. With regard to ordering there are no strict rules and authors can mix and name stuff as they like. This offers a lot of possibilities, but the downside is that it also makes managing scenery complex.

xOrganizer uses several different methods to automatically determine the type of scenery and its place in the order, mainly reading the contents and pattern recognition. However, you should always check if the results comply with the instructions of the author.
Please note that xOrganizer is also made to make manual adjustment of the order very easy. You can simply drag and drop packages, but the context menu (right click on a package) also offers lots of options.

Extra functions
  • Automatically sorted per continent/country
  • Select scenery packages with the help of map tiles or flight plan
  • Check for missing or outdated libraries
  • View the coverage of your scenery on a map
  • View airports included in the packages (also on the map) and find duplicate/conflicting airports
  • View extra features included in the packages (Seasons, SAM, AutoGate and GroundTraffic)
  • Enable/disable GroundTraffic plugins
  • User profiles for scenery, plugins/scripts, X-Plane preferences and aircraft
  • Start X-Plane with a shortcut using preselected xOrganizer profiles
  • Check for bad shortcuts, symlinks and junctions (not detected by X-Plane)
  • Keep track of versions and download locations of your scenery packages, plugins/scripts
  • Export to a spreadsheet
  • Automatic and manual scaling for large displays + dark skins
How xOrganizer and xToolbox (sold separately) work together
xToolbox is a perfect companion for xOrganizer:
  • xOrganizer helps you organize your X-Plane installation, in such a way that you exactly see and experience the content (scenery, plugins/scripts, preferences and aircraft) you want when you run X-Plane. xOrganizer will read any linked content, but will not by itself look outside the actual X-Plane folder.
  • Toolbox helps you link content outside the X-Plane folder (usually another disk) to the X-Plane folder. Furthermore it can help with renaming, checking and changing scenery folders, regardless of the actual location (inside or outside the X-Plane folder).

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