xOrganizer v2

xOrganizer v2

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Manage your X-Plane installation:
  • Scenery: manage the load order and enable/disable scenery packages
  • Plugins and scripts: enable/disable plugins and scripts
  • X-Plane preferences: load X-Plane with different settings (for instance VR vs normal)
Extra tools:
  • View airports included in the scenery packages (also projected on a map)
  • View the coverage of your scenery on a map
  • Manage the versions and download locations of your scenery packages
  • Enable/disable GroundTraffic plugins
Check the demo and read the manual for more information. Note: the demo is almost fully functional, except for some specific functions, such as the more detailed (deep) analysis of the
scenery. Furthermore the demo will not actually write anything to the X-Plane folder and will save the database only once.

Improvements compared to version 1.3
  • Completely new code: very fast with the use of an internal database + a lot of improvements/fixes
  • Complete manual of xOrganizer
  • Improved overview of scenery: favorites folder added, grouped by continent, etc.
  • Improved profile functionality (sets in the previous version of xOrganizer)
  • Improved version functionality: store hyperlinks to download locations
  • New: select only the modules of xOrganizer that you find useful (scenery, plugins/scripts or  X-Plane preferences)
  • New: profiles for plugins/scripts
  • New: easy check on recently installed scenery
  • New: scan for broken/bad links/shortcuts in the Custom Scenery folder
  • New: option to switch off GroundTraffic plugins (per airport package)
  • New: clean user interface
  • New: settings menu with several user options
  • No internet connection needed during use (offline maps)
  • Further new functionality is under development. New updates will of course be free for all users of the full version.

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