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xToolbox is a collection of small X-Plane tools. 

It can help you manage your X-Plane related files, when you:
  • Add or remove scenery
  • Move scenery or other X-Plane related files to another location
  • Create or download new photo scenery
  • Rename scenery packages

Link manager:
Quickly create or remove links (junctions, symbolic links or shortcuts)
  • To which source folders all the links in a folder point to
  • If you forgot to link a source folder
  • If all links are still valid and working (check for bad links)

Batch rename:
  • Rename using the X-Plane airport / tile data of a package
  • Change the name by adding text or replacing text

Photo scenery:
  • Check for bad DDS images
  • Check for missing terrain and DDS files
  • Convert JPG images to DDS images (for downloaded packages)

For more information, please check the manual in the support forum and this short video

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