BAE Jetstream 32

BAE Jetstream 32

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The British Aerospace Jetstream 32 is a high-performance turboprop airliner capable of transporting up to 19 passengers.
Designed by Javier Rollon, designer of the CRJ-200, the Jetstream 32 is as detailed as it gets.

Simulated Systems
  • Custom simulated systems
  • Manual or automatic engine startup
  • Ground power unit start simulated with visible GPU
  • Custom sounds -  Failures systems
  • Control in-cabin air temperature
  • Simulated pressurization system
Beautiful modeling in and out
  • Fully detailed and animated 3D cockpit
  • High Definition modeling and texturing
  • Reflective glass on instruments in the cockpit.
  • Immersive lighting effects
  • Atmospheric effects, including ice buildup, fog, function wipers clearing water
  • 10 liveries available

Superior Flight model

  • Accurate flight model designed with the assistance of real pilots
  • Fun and easy to fly

Textures / 3D:

  • Reworked the Night lights textures in the cockpit
  • Changed the lights behavior in acf file
  • Changed the enrich fuel switch to white (as specified in POH)
  • Changed / Added switched for systems (including new GNS430)
  • Corrected the Right Landing Light / Taxi labels on overhead
  • RPM % small needles now show 10% per 360° and not 1% per 360°
  • AH and Backup AH roll indicators now move the right way
  • Control Locker does not remove joy axis anymore


  • Reworked completely the electrical system (bus are now normally loaded and not to 200 amps which is unrealistic...)
  • Panel Main and Panel non-ess are now triggering the lights in the cockpit
  • Lights on sides of RPM gauges are now showing ignition status (continuous or test) -- WIll not light up during a normal start cycle (as per POH)
  • Beta is now active only on the ground with throttle idle and reverse modes (pitch 0° and lower)
  • Oil Cowl flaps logic reworked
  • TTL computer now working as expected by POH - no failures over FL140 if active (not mentioned in POH)
  • Manual Reverse should be working as expected
  • New GNS430 integration

Air Model:

  • Reworked the prop pitch as per POH
  • Changed the trims for better handling
  • Roll (torque) effect in flight is removed
  • Small engine tweaks to match POH
  • Corrected engine type and values
Extra Goodies:
  • Smartcopilot updated file
  • X-Camera dedicated file
  • New 3D quick views
  • Compatible  with a  3D integration of the RealityXP GTN650 and GTN750
More Pictures here - Free copy of the manual can be downloaded here

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