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What is DSFbuilder ?

Is a tool to help creating the Mesh Terrain (*.dsf) generated by the Meshtool program for X-Plane 11 version.
The Meshtool  is a development tool available for free by Laminar Research , which through the command line in the DOS prompt is able to compile files using existing database in DEM (Digital Elevation Model), in format  *.hgt, * .tif , combined with the format *. XES (Land Classification or Landclass).

It is very tedious to use Meshtool in a traditional way is very way: You need to enter repetitive commands line in DOS prompt, instructing the PC to read and interpret data from digital models of terrain (hgt or tif) combined with terrain classification model, in addition to submitting a script (SCP.txt) programmed by the user according to your need in the construction of the scenery. 
Manually is a dull task, which usually raises obvious typing errors. 

The DSFbuilder is a facilitates this process. It is an ideal tool  for those who want to quickly generate mesh terrain scenery in X-Plane. 

What DSFbuilder does:
  • Automates the process of creating the repetitive tasks of the Meshtool command creating DSF format files (Distribution Scenery File), 
  • Organizing them geographically in the respective folders equal in X-Plane 10 and 11. 
  • Helps  in editing of the script, which in DSFbuilder is already a preset editable named SCP.txt file that can be edited through a window in the DSFbuilder, allowing to modify and save according to the needs of the developer. The DSFbuilder also creates HGT.log and XES.log files, which are HGT data files that are with problems at the source. For example, if the user has 100 *.hgt files compiling and one of them contains error, the DSFbuilder will report points to be patched and recompiled in isolation.
What you need to do?
  • It is known that before generating a mesh literally speaking you must acquire all necessary data and put together a well-written, well calculated Dataset and well dimensioned, downloadable from reliable sources with guarantee that the necessary files are free of errors.
  • The first step, after the delimitation of the area chosen for the creation of the scenario is to get the necessary files with the extension *. xes (land classification), free at the website X-Plane Developer, also the SRTM files, in the form of HGT, or extension GeoTif, which you can download free from various websites of satellite data from the Internet, which will be listed later in this document. In addition to the formats listed in this paragraph are required *.shp format file (shapefile) that will control and delimit the coastline, the bodies of water like oceans, rivers, lakes, roads, kind of vegetation etc.

What the DFSbuilder does not

  • Does not increase or decrease with precision terrain mesh resolutions. The resolution is achieved in external program. (Later in this tutorial there is a good example)
  • Does not provide files XES, HGT or SHP to the user. Only indicates where to get them.
  • Does not create airport areas flattens or any other area flatten on the scenery.  Shows in a tutorial an option how to make.
  • Does not compile photo realistic scenarios.

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