Reality Expansion Pack for Bonanza V35

Reality Expansion Pack for Bonanza V35

Part Number:Simcoders-REP-V35
Your Price:$19.99
Note: The Carenado V35 Bonanza is required for the product. It will not work with any other aircraft.

Custom Engine Model
  • 100% custom engine model independent from X-Plane default
  • Engine monitor
Ultra Realistic Flight & Ground Dynamics
  • Realistic stall speeds & behavior
  • Realistic climb speeds
  • Realistic cruise speeds
  • Realistic Weight & Balance
  • Realistic taxi behavior
VR Support
  • Native Virtual Reality support
Complex Damages System
  • Triggered by the pilot actions
  • Based on real world data
  • Target every system in the aircraft
  • Meant to teach you how to correctly manage an airplane
Simulation state saving
  • Persistent wear and tear
  • Every single switch and lever position is restored when you reload the aircraft
  • The battery may discharge if you leave it on and then close X-Plane
  • When X-Plane is launched, the engine and oil temperature are restored basing on the time passed
Realistic IO-520 Engine Simulation
  • Automatic startup procedure
  • Realistic propeller animations as never seen before on X-Plane
  • Correct fuel consuption
  • Cowl Flaps Drag
  • Custom propeller governor
  • Oil System:
    • Realistic oil viscosity
    • Interchangeable oil type Oil pump failures
    •  Realistic oil filter
  • Injection Fuel System:
    • Realistic fuel pump behavior
  • Realistic fuel filter
  • Interchangeable spark plugs: default or fine-wire
  • Spark plugs fouling
  • Realistic Lean of Peak and Rich of Peak operations
  • Starter
  • Realistic startup procedure
  • Realistic engine temperatures
  • Vapor Lock Simulation
  • Fuel Flooding simulation
  • The engine parts are damaged if not managed correctly
  • Custom stall warning horn
  • Gyro drift simulation
Osborne Wing Tips
  • Realistic electric fuel pumps control panel and operation
  • 3600 pounds gross weight STC
  • Realistic roll behavior
  • Tail wag damping
Realistic Landing Gear
  • The landing gear is damaged by hard landings and overspeed operations
  • The brakes and tires are damaged if not managed correctly
Electrical & Avionics System
  • Realistic Battery
  • The avionics are damaged if on when the engine starts/shuts down
Learn with the non invasive in-flight tips
  • A tip about the conduct of the flight is shown when you are not flying the airplane
  • properly
  • A tip about how to fix the problem is shown when you damage the plane
Simulation of Hypoxia
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Hard Breathing
Stunning sounds
  • 3D sounds (custom FMOD-like sound engine)
  • Realistic engine clicks and stutters
  • Real starter sound
  • Fuselage wind sound
  • Landing gear wind
  • Independent touch down sounds
  • Real avionics sound
  • Realistic open window wind sound
Interactive Walk-around
  • Cockpit checks
  • Aileron, rudder, elevator and flaps check
  • Tire check and choks removal
  • Tie-down removal
  • Pitot tube check
  • Engine cowl check
  • Fuel quantity check
  • Oil quantity and quality check
  • Lights check
  • Postflight walkaround
Interactive towing
  • Push, pull and steer using the joystick
  • Towbar simulation
Weight & Balance Tool
  • Load the airplane and check the C.G. and weight limits at takeoff and landing
  • The airplane behavior changes when the C.G. moves
Popup Kneeboard
  • Complete normal operations checklist
  • Complete emergency operations checklist
  • Complete reference tables (speed, fuel consumption etc.)
  • May be shown/hidden with mouse gestures
Maintenance Hangar
  • Engine maintenance tab
  • Electrical systems maintenance tab
  • Oxygen system tab
  • Landing gear, brakes & tires tab
HeadShake Integration
  • REP drives HeadShake to simulate the correct vibrations of the IO-520 engine
Avionics section
  • Realistic gyro wander and HSI behavior

Economic System

    Can be enabled/disabled on the fly
    Earn virtual money when you fly
    Use virtual money to buy fuel and do maintenance/repairs
    Realistic fuel prices around the World
    Can be used parallel to FSEconomy. Soon fully compatible with FSEconomy systems.
    More info at

Very easy on FPS
  • Written in C++: no compromises

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