SIAI-Marchetti SF-260

SIAI-Marchetti SF-260

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The SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 is maybe the most famous Italian light aircraft. It's a great success as a military trainer and aerobatics aircraft. Its nickname is 'Ferrari of the skies' for its slick appearance and its high cruise speed.

JRollon Planes and have joined their forces to bring this little marvel to you:
  • The REP expansion pack from Simcoders is already included in the SF-260!
Now you can fly the SF.260 in X-Plane and enjoy this little but powerful airplane! We put our hearts and souls to build this little machine and we are sure you are going to enjoy it so much. Before flying it, we really recommend reading the User Manuals "Systems" and "Flight characteristics" chapters.

Features List:

New G1000 Version Included
New  BAF Version Included

Code driven flight dynamics

- Super fun to fly, requires your attention all the time
- Realistic takeoff, landing, cruise, and overall performance
- Realistic aerobatics
- Realistic stall behavior (watch your ailerons!)
- Impressive spin behavior
- Realistic roll speed at both high and low speeds

Outstanding 3D model and liveries

- Very light on FPS
- High performance 4K texture
- 9 Liveries included
- Blank textures with PSD available to create your own livery
- Tire blowout is shown
- Propeller blades bend on belly landing
- 3D modeled engine components
- Custom rain and ice effects

Realistic onboard systems and procedures

- Pre/Post flight walk-around
- Custom hand towing mode: use your joystick to push/pull/steer the aircraft on ground
- Realistic Mass and Balance
- Complete electrical system with working Circuit Breakers
- Custom landing gear warning system
- Custom stall warning system
- Custom vacuum system
- Custom flaps system with realistic white-arc behavior
- Custom fuel system
- Custom cabin ventilation and windshield defrost system
- Working Emergency Avionics switch with Emergency Battery
- Working emergency landing gear extraction procedure
- Canopy can stay slightly open during flight

Custom Damage & Maintenance System

- Any system can be damaged if used the wrong way
- Persistent aircraft state: each livery has its own state that is saved between flights. Damage is cumulative.
- Maintenance Report available to check the status of the aircraft and do the maintenance and repairs

100% Custom Piston Engine

- The Lycoming O-540-E4A5 is modeled down to the smallest bolt and breathes air like a real engine
- Custom fuel pump and fuel filter
- Realistic Oil System affected by Oil Viscosity. Choose the best oil grade for your kind of operation.
- Spark plugs fouling. Change the spark plugs type in the maintenance report.
- Working engine preheater
- A custom algorithm simulates the fuel/air mixture and its combustion
- Custom carburetor system with custom icing behavior
- High fidelity power curve
- Custom system failures
- Realistic startup behavior and procedures
- Automatic startup option for quick start

High fidelity cockpit

Choose between right-seat and left-seat cockpit
 Ability to switch between different avionic layouts
- All switches work like the real ones
- The cockpit is illuminated by 3D lights
- The instruments wear out and may give incorrect reading. Tap over them to temporarily try to reduce their error. Fix them in the maintenance report.
- The cockpit light and indicators bulbs may start blinking and fail. Tap over them to temporarily try to light them up again. Replace them in the maintenance report.
- Realistic phosphorous lights that dim at night as time passes by
- Working Circuit Breakers that you can use to shed the battery load in case of generator failure
- Support for RealityXP GNS
- Bendix/King KX165 NavCom
    - Realistic startup animations
    - Active/Standby frequencies mode
    - Active only mode
    - Program mode
    - Channels mode
    - CDI mode
    - Bearing mode
    - Radial mode
    - Timer mode
- Bendix/King KR87 ADF Receiver
    - Realistic startup animations
    - ANT/BFO/ADF modes
    - FLT/ET mode with SET/RST button
- Bendix/King KFC225 Autopilot
    - Realistic Startup Animations
    - ROLL and PITCH mode
    - HDG/NAV/VS/ALT modes
    - Yaw Damper
- Garmin GTX330 Transponder
    - Realistic Startup Animations
    - Altitude Monitor mode
    - Count down mode
    - Count up mode
    - Flight Time mode
    - OAT/DALT mode
    - PA mode

HeadShake Integration

- Use a custom lever in the cockpit to strengthen the belts and reduce the G-Force effects during aerobatic flight

Custom three dimensional sounds

- Custom sound engine that ensure high performance and quality
- Dynamic immersive sounds in both internal and external views
- Sounds are muffled by closing the canopy and wearing the headsets
- The canopy can stay slightly open during flight to let some fresh air in: you will feel the wind blowing on your face
- Enjoy the engine sound suffering the torque effects during aerobatic flight

VR Compatible

Economic System
  • Can be enabled/disabled on the fly
  • Earn virtual money when you fly
  • Use virtual money to buy fuel and do maintenance/repairs
  • Realistic fuel prices around the World
  • Can be used parallel to FSEconomy. Fully compatible with FSEconomy systems.
  • More info at
Skiselkov Librain included providing outstanding rain effects

Supports RealityXP GNS430, GTN650, and GTN750

11 liveries included

Automatic Updates

- The airplane is constantly improved
- Issues are quickly fixed

Reward Points

90 points will be rewarded to you when you buy this item.

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