Sedona UHD

Sedona UHD

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Welcome to America’s Most Scenic Airport! Sedona Airport (KSEZ) is located in Sedona Arizona, a popular tourist destination for Arizona tourists. Due to it’s location atop a 500 foot mesa Sedona Airport is a destination that pilots often go out of their way to land at. 

Sedona UHD is an ultra detailed scenery for Sedona by X-Codr Designs (Known on the forum as X-Codr for his highly popular free KJFK scenery). With Sedona UHD you can have that same experience of landing at the iconic Sedona Airport. Some features included in Sedona UHD are:

Ultra-High Resolution Airport
  • Ultra high definition buildings at 4 pixel per inch
  • Ultra high resolution ground textures with normal maps for immense realism 
  • Nearly 150 square kilometers of 1 pixel per foot photoreal coverage
  • HDR Custom taxiway signage that illuminates the surrounding ground
  • Custom high resolution vegetation
Advanced modeling techniques including: 
  • Baked Ambient Occlusion 
  • Normal Maps used to produce exceptional results at superb frame rates
Immersive experience
  • Immensely detailed  of Sedona Airport 
  • Detailed rendition of Midgley bridge

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